Duly Noted
Our professionals have industry knowledge and adequate technical expertise to conduct extensive scientific and technical literature searches for legal, patent, trademark, copyright, and other research purpose. We also offer analysis and references disseminating services to facilitate informed decision making. Our ability to access libraries at various institutions and employment of subject matter experts enable us to provide the exact information required.

Regulatory Filings
Duly Noted provide filing and compliance services for tax, regulatory, process, and legislative framework.

  • Industrial Design Services
  • Industrial design search
  • Preparation of patent application for industrial design
  • Patent filing and registration
  • Patent management and renewal
  • Prosecution and opposition draft preparation

Duly Noted provides registered agent services for all types of business entities who require statutory representations during the legal process.

As your designated registered agent, we work as statutory agent of clients and receive their service of process, renewal notices, and tax and regulatory correspondences. Our due diligence in executing duties of a registered agent allow clients enjoy liability protection and value-based benefits in legal, copyright, and patent matters and avoid inconvenient and embarrassing situations associated with these fields.