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UCC/ Lien Services

Our experience in UCC and tax lien search, filing, and retrievals assures clients steadfast, responsive, suitable, painstaking, and accurate results. We have trained professionals well aware of the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC), latest changes incorporated in its Article 9, and its application for commercial transactions. We can help clients streamline their UCC filing process and avoid intricacies caused by cumbersome procedures. We are equally proficient in searching tax, judgment, mechanic, and other types of liens at federal, state, and local levels and provide clients extensive results.

UCC Search Services

Duly Noted provides wide-ranging UCC search services across the United States. We conduct UCC search for financing statements to find out liens filed against both individuals and organizations. Our UCC searches focus on Revised Article 9 (RA9) that governs the filing process, place where the debtor lives, and place registration of organizations. We enlarge the scope of UCC search wherever required to provide the most precise results and ensure that our clients do not face any problem arising out of financial agreement with a debtor. We cover all UCC-1 and UCC-3 filings and confirm amendments, assignments, and partial releases, if any.

Comprehensive Lien Search Services

  • Search for tax liens at all levels, federal, state, and county, according to their recording offices
  • Search for judgment liens that forbid debtor to enter into corporate and real estate financial transactions
  • Search for mechanical liens filed by vendors for nonpayment for services
  • Search for both open and closed liens
  • Search for releases of liens

We also look for pending suits, judgments, and applications at district courts, the Secretary of State, and county court for liens.

UCC/Lien Filings

We at Duly Noted offer UCC/ lien preparation and filing services in all US states and counties. The process involves typing, filing, and tracking services and is fully compliant with UCC RA9 while the experience allows us to handle the complex procedural intricacies and make fast and swift filings. The professional experts at our office file UCC Financing Statements with full consideration for its legitimacy and recognition safeguarding the security interests of the client. All nitty-gritty, such as exact legal names, filing procedure, state indexes, etc, are given due consideration. For UCC Fixture filings, we find out the right form, deed documents, and prepare the most appropriate legal description of the property secured.

UCC/Lien Retrievals

Our UCC/ lien retrieval services enable clients obtain documents from domestic and international recording offices. We help them retrieve copies of UCC financing statement, tax lien, judgment lien, mechanical lien, property descriptions, official certifications, and other documents in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Court Record Search and Retrieval Service

With broad understanding of the intricate judicial system and acquaintance of their record keeping at various court levels, we help clients in search and retrieval of court records for

  • Civil and criminal litigations
  • Bankruptcy proceedings
  • Pending or closed cases,
  • Information on parties to lawsuits
  • Judgments and jury observations
  • Criminal history inquiries

Bankruptcy Searches

Duly Noted also carries searches for bankruptcy legal proceedings and make available details of bankruptcy filing, liquidation, reorganization, debt adjustments and other observations along with relevant provisions for client understanding and perusal.

Why Duly Noted UCC/ Lien Services

  • Comprehensive search and filing services
  • Due diligence in search to provide the most accurate results
  • Flexible and professional approach
  • Low cost yet quality services
  • Use of technology
  • Awareness of legal systems minimizes error
  • Search indexed by individual section