• Trademark Registration
  • Trademark Search
  • Trademark Monitoring
  • Trademark Statement of Use
  • International Trademark Filing
  • Other Trademark Filings

Trademark Management Services

Trademark is perceived as the sine qua non of a brand in today’s global economy. An intelligently created, well-publicized, and vigilantly maintained trademark is essential to build and expand a business. Trademarks give distinctive identity to individual, business, and corporate users and form the basis of their commercial reputation and customer loyalty. Duly Noted trademark management services provide assistance to clients for trademark search, application, registration, renewal, and beyond. Our proficiency in pre- and post-registration trademark services, global experience, and use of the latest technology leverage your need for reliable and expert support for creation and protection of a well-recognized trademark.

Trademark Search Services
We have qualified researchers expert in using advance technology to screen and ensure that client trademark is unique and original and does not confront the chance of rejection for existence of similar trademarks. Professionals at Duly Noted scan the Trademark Registry and prepare list of identical brand marks enabling clients to avoid infringement and adopt a unique trademark.

Our comprehensive trademark search services include

  • Screening search to assess availability of trademarks
  • Full search to validate availability of trademark for registration across all possible sources and databases
  • Customized search to include device or logo elements with trademarks
  • Due Diligence search to help trademark transfer during mergers and acquisitions
  • Watching search to identify possible infringements and overlapping the commercial space associated with your brand

Trademark Filing and Registration Services

We help clients in fast and swift trademark filing and registration that enable them to acquire exclusive legal rights over their brand and utilize its full market advantage. Our team has professionals who are specialists in handling trademark registration integrities. Well-versed in preparing and filing trademark applications, monitoring office actions, formulating suitable response to oppositions, attending hearings, and countering oppositions, these experts help you overcome all nuances underlying filing and registration process.

Clients can save costs and time by outsourcing their trademark filing and registration requirements to our reliable professionals.

Trademark Renewal

In consonance with present practices, trademark protection is granted for 10 years at a time and it must be renewed well before it lapses. We offer trademark renewal services for all types of businesses. It involves the following steps.

  • Renewal reminder to clients
  • Drafting of renewal letter keeping in view all legal and system requirements
  • Quality review and authentication of the renewal draft
  • Supportive documentation followed by POA Management
  • Filing of the renewal letter at specified Trademark Registry Office
  • Following up until update of the docket records and renewal of trademark protection

Trademark Watch and Monitoring

Duly Noted offers trademark watch and monitoring services to help clients identify infringements or take control of commercial space potential to harm their trademarks. It includes,

  • Comprehensive survey of online and offline trademark database, journals
  • Identification of infringements or commercial violations
  • Preparation of infringed list and gathering of information about encroachers
  • Alerts sent to clients
  • Defense preparation, opposition filing, and prosecution

The search is carried on based on words, phrases, phonetics, logos, visuals, and analysis to identify violations of any type.

Why Our Trademark Registration Services

  • Low cost and timeliness
  • Worldwide search, filing, and monitor
  • Use of the latest technology
  • Expert study on registration potential
  • Professional, in-house experts
  • Compilation and digitalization of client specimens
  • Tracking of registration and renewal
  • Process-based Delivery and all-budget pricing
  • Support for legal and technical objection preparation
  • Trademark risk analysis
  • Rush handling and optimized protection

Triple Tier Federal, 50 State & Common Law availability research in one, easy-to-read report. Provides the maximum U.S. Trademark research possible. Federal Researches the U.S. Trademark Office for availability. Useful to clients interested in Federal registration and unconcerned with state-level or common law conflicts.
Federal Exact Mark Near exact-mark searching. Locate identical and phonetically equivalent marks from classes related to your goods or services. Federal Knock-Out Near exact-mark searching. Locate trademark containing identical or phonetically equivalent elements within your chosen goods or services.

Federal Collection/Dilution Locate all marks containing a certain element. 50-State Researches a database comprising all 50 states for availability. Common Law Researches a broad set of database, business, industry-specific, litigious and domain name resources for marks that may be in use, but not necessarily registered. Single State Researches a single state for availability. Useful for clients interested in registration in one state only.

Design Search Research a logo or design at the U.S. Trademark Office for availability.
Canada Research the Canadian Federal registry for availability.
European Community Research the EU central registry for availability.
United Kingdom Research the UK Federal registry for availability.
Germany Research the German Federal registry for availability.

Federal Portfolio Listing of all properties a certain company or person has been involved with within the U.S. Trademark Office records and the chain of title on each property.
State Portfolio Listing of all properties a certain company or person has been involved with within a States trademark records and the chain of title on each property as available.
Trademark Chain of Title Listing of all transfers, interests, documents etc on file against a specific trademark.
File History /per file* Copy retrieval of all documents in the U.S. Trademark Office file for a specific mark.
Status Copy Print-out of current status of a mark as recorded by the U.S .Trademark Office.
Can indicate if correspondence has been sent to applicant or received from applicant, whether or not maintenance fees have been received, etc.

Document Retrieval
Filing or Hand Delivery
Certified Copy Certified registrations or documents available. Particularly useful for court
presentation or legalization for use within a foreign country.
Trademark Monitor or Watch The Watch Service identifies potentially infringing marks and the Monitoring
Portfolio informs you of status changes for a specific mark.
Domain Name Research Research domain name availability. Acquisition inquiries also processed.

Products Turn Around Times 4 day 2 day 24-hour Availability
T3 – Triple Tier $450.00 $600 $800

Full Search $175 $220 $325
Exact Mark $75 $115 $150
Knock Out $100 $135 $200
Collection/Dilution $385 $550 $750
-each mark over first 100 $0.50 $0.75 $1.00
Design Search (one class) $250 $500 $650
-each additional class $100 $150 $200

50 State Database $175 $220 $325
Single State $100 $150 $225
Common Law $200 $275 $395

5 day 3 day 24-hour
Madrid System full search $260 $415 n/a
Madrid System screening $90 $135 $175
Madrid System + T3 $725 $1115 n/a
Madrid Screening + T3 $460 $690 $925
Canada $100 $150 $225
European Community $200 $350 n/a
United Kingdom $450 $750 n/a

Research & Retrieval
4 day 2 day 24-hour
Federal Portfolio (up to 20) $200 $300 $500
-each additional property $25 $30 $50
State Portfolio $75 $115 $150
Chain of Title $55 $75 $115
Document/Status Copy $35 $40 $45
Filing/Hand Delivery* n/a $60 $125
File History* $55 $75 n/a
Certified Copy* $50 n/a n/a
Domain Name Research $30 $40 $55
Watch & Monitor Services $55/mark/annum