Property Title Search and Recording Services

Duly Noted provides comprehensive title search and recording services to facilitate property buying and mortgage recording. Our search focuses on history of the property, validation of ownership, seller interest, and verification of title abstract. We look for restrictions on property because of covenants or servitudes of any type and liens caused by tax, judgment, or contractor service filing of any kind.

Title Search: Types

To the convenience to our clients, we offer a variety of title searches that go beyond the usual search criteria and satisfy all requirements.

  • Full coverage search: It includes search for property lien, restrictions, agreements, covenants, and judgments involving the property and its owner. Sale transactions, bankruptcy proceedings, and easements are also looked into.
  • Limited coverage search: A type of customized search, it covers liens and bankruptcy proceedings against the property and its owner and other names on title, and keeping in view title report generation for refinance transactions.
  • Non-insured reports search: The title search is conducted focusing on informational required for probate, plat certificate, lot boo report, and subdividing purposes.
  • Foreclosure guarantee search: This title search report is prepared following full search of liens and other info on the property in default and address details of its owner.
    Title Search before foreclosure sale: This type of title search checks multiple liens against a property.

Title Search and Recording Services: Areas of Expertise

  • Owner and Encumbrance Search Report
    We generate title search reports by examining public records, tax records, the manner in which current ownership is granted, and all open mortgage deeds.

    The extensive search covers verification of
    Ownership deed
    Assessor’s parcel number
    Tax, judgment, and mechanical Liens at all level
    Abstracts of judgment, covenant, if any
    Homeowners’ Association documents
    Any legal document having a bearing on the equity of the property
    Current tax assessment and delinquent tax information
    All open mortgages
    Notices of default
    Deed of trust and substitution of trustee, if any

  • Ownership Verification Report and Deed Retrievals
    Our experts examine the details of the current owner and title holding pattern. An appropriate legal description of the property is generated and validated along with The Assessor’s Parcel Number and tax details. We make recording of all information pertaining to the current deed of the property and retrieve a copy of the vesting deed from appropriate office.
  • Customized Title Search
    Catering to the client requirements, we offer customized title search for UCCs, liens, leases, changes to CC&Rs, agreements, tax details, addresses of all interested parties named on reports, and other legal documents. It includes searches for leases, restrictions or other documents involving commercial property, government owned property, airports, tribal lands, etc.
  • Chains of Title Search
    We search the public records at all level and generate report on the history of ownership, deeds, transfers, liens, and mortgages starting from the first registered deed. Our title search report also covers notices, agreements, and restrictions, if any, on the property beginning from its first ownership tenure.

Other Title Services

We at Duly Noted provide also offer title search and reporting for

  1. Ownership pattern searches to verify if an individual or business holds the property
  2. Radius search up to 500 feet of the property to locate owners of other properties
  3. Title deed and real estate document preparation
  4. Trustee services for Deeds of Trust

Recording Services

The following are important features of our nationwide title recording services.

  • Physical and online verification and submission of documents
  • Fast revision of documents
  • Screening of documents prior to submission to prevent problems
  • Updating reports based on title search
  • Updating liens and transfer deeds
  • Ensuring swift and timely recording confirmation

Specialized Title Services

The vast experience combined with expertise we have allows us to take up and successfully complete title services for large and complex projects. We offer services to major title companies at all levels. Our expertise also covers airport property, industrial property, patent and property monitoring, finding voluntary and involuntary encumbrances, and lines of credit involving home equity.