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Registered Agent Services

Duly Noted provides registered agent services for all types of business entities who require statutory representations during the legal process. As your designated registered agent, we work as statutory agent of clients and receive their service of process, renewal notices, and tax and regulatory correspondences. Our due diligence in executing duties of a registered agent allow clients enjoy liability protection and value-based benefits in legal, copyright, and patent matters and avoid inconvenient and embarrassing situations associated with these fields.

The Need for Registered Agent Services

Employing registered agents has become an international trend and been mandated by national laws systems. The US, UK, EU, and Canadian legal system requires business entities to record physical address of their registered agents with the relevant state agencies. Statutory requirements in the United States calls for availability of registered agents at given address during all business hours so that legal claims can be served. The following points explain the benefits of appoint Duly Noted as your reliable registered agent.

  • Better accountability in receiving, analyzing, reporting, and answering legal claims or summons
  • Focused legal representation without disturbing day-to-day business
  • Assured privacy for small and residential businesses
  • Timely receipt and reporting of legal claims and preparing expert answer without delay
  • Avoiding default judgment against business entities caused by non-representation
  • Single-window to process all legal claims within deadlines
  • Avoiding bad customer impression and rumors by keeping legal claims restricted from office premises

Duly Noted Registered Agent Services

We offer registered agent services for all states in the United States and the District of Columbia. Our professionals have ample experience in handling domestic and international assignments as registered agents. The methodical approach, client-centric services, and professional ethics we follow assure superior accountability, privacy, effective representation, flaws less adaptability, and improved compliance record.

Key features of our registered agent services include,

Legal representation: We act as a single-window to process all legal claims against business entities. Our focus remains on earliest possible analysis, response within the deadline, and avoidance of default judgment. Expertise of drafting answers helps effectively decimate oppositions and eliminate legal obstacles in the business process.

Public dealings: We receive legal claims from consumers, employees, competitors, vendors, and third parties and answer them through our established mechanism. Our expertise enables defending the client against legal claims while upholding privacy of the litigation without letting it impact the business.

Business expansion needs: Our role as your registered legal agent expands reflecting your business growth and diversification.

Single-point communication: No need for clients to contact registered agents in each location, as our centralized service act as single point communication. We keep client updated by generating reports and briefs on all matters, their status, resolution, etc.

International representation: We also make offer international registered agent services for Canada, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, the United Kingdom, and the European Union.

Licensing and registration services: We provide business licensing, patent, trademark, copyright, title, lien, and domain filing and registration services for clients.

Tax matters: As registered agent, we look after tax registration and compliance of clients.

Special representation: We offer special representation for clients wherever required as a part of our commitment to offer value added services as a registered agent.

Why Duly Noted Registered Agent Services

  • Belief in shared growth results in better accountability
  • Fast compliance protects against legal implications
  • Focus on maintaining privacy
  • Effective and timely services
  • Employment of high-end technology
  • Unparalleled customer service
  • Regular reports and notifications
  • National and international representation
  • Timely delivery of documents.