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Patent Application and Search Services

Intellectual property protection has emerged a key area of concern to prevent pilferage of economic losses as the world is swept over by globalization and rapid economic liberalization. The increasing focus on obtaining comprehensive, the best possible, and quality patent protection demands superior legal and technical expertise assuring swift and thorough patent application process and leading to safeguarding of your ownership of intangible assets. Our specialization in patent application drafting keeping in view the differential industry needs for inventions, symbols, words, and artistic achievements of diverse genre and diligent patent search guarantee protection against any infringement.

Patent Registration Services

Registered patent experts at Duly Noted fully understand the intricacies and complexities involved in patent application process. We make fast and precise patent application drafting for provisional and non-provisional that facilitate priority filing assuring clients immediate “patent pending” labeling of their inventions. Our legal and technological ability in patent application drafting enable clients to save costs while thoroughly completing application formalities. The drafting process includes validating the application against checklists that include statutory requirements mandated by different patent approving authorities, such as the US Patent and Trademark Office, Canadian Intellectual Property Office, European Patent Office and the Patent Cooperation Treaty.

We take special care to include all likely variations of the patent in the application and make it suitable to overcome multiple technical verifications. Our methodical process ensures quality and consistency in application drafting and including drawings wherever necessary. We collaborate with attorneys and appropriate authorities for patent filing and early approval. We offer patent registration services for individuals, groups, and corporate filing applications with Patent and Trademark Offices in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and the European Union. Duly Noted have trained professionals who are well experienced in patent registration process with full attention to different national and economic systems. Their diligence and proficiency allow us to draft and customize intellectual property ownership applications as per different legal process and jurisdictions enabling fast completion of client patent registration process.Our professional services also offer expert help for Hong Kong patent application drafting and registration. The complexity and large-scale IP right violations make Chinese system a challenge for many individuals and corporate. We make sure your intellectual innovation is patented rightly under the Hong Kong legal system and you uphold your ownership against infringements.

Expertise in PCT Patent Application Procedure

We have ample expertise in offering patient application services for filing according to the Patent Cooperation Treaty adopted in 1970 and modified in 2001. The key highlights of our PCT-compliant patent application services include,

  • Drafting of PCT applications for submission at any of the 17 Receiving Offices approved worldwide
  • Drafting of PCT patent applications for filing at the International Bureau in Geneva
  • Fast services within the national phase deadline to prevent delay in International Search Report generation following first and subsequent filings
  • Prior focus on the possibility of seeking national protection during application preparation enable fast disposal and cost saving
  • Prior preparation enabling fast compliance with additional or supplementary search process and preventing delays in patent grant

Patent Search Services

We offer extensive patent search services that allow individuals, groups, and corporate to screen, clear and protect patents. Our cutting edge search technology and proficiency allows us to offer tailor-made search solutions for each client meeting his specific requirements. Our search is exhaustive covering all possible patent and scientific databases, Internet data, and thorough analysis of search results.

Duly Noted patent search services include the following.

Patentability search: We search all patents operational and expired to establish patentability of your products. Even patent claims filed are examined by experts to protect client innovation and guide him on novelty of his product or service.

Prior art search: We make a prior art search to establish whether your product or service is new and non-obvious. For this, we carry on extensive examination of patent applications, approved patents, scientific papers, and industrial applications.

Infringement search: We examine all related patents related to client patent claim subject that helps keep off any infringement while applying for ownership right.

Validity search: We carry on search to establish that product or services over which the client is claiming ownership is not in public domain and a valid claim to its ownership can be made. All available publications, public disclosures, and claims are examined thoroughly without budget and time overrun.

Subject-oriented collection search: We examine all kinds of subject-oriented databases to verify novelty of client innovation and help him establish patent validity claim.

Patent status search: We offer patent status search services for all types filings at all national and international Receiving Offices.

Patent Maintenance Services

  • Patent register copying: We prepare and provide copies or extracts from the Patent Registers on client order.
  • File wrapper copying: We collect, prepare, and provide copies of patent file wrappers, which have all details starting from patent applications to search, national protection, office actions, communications, drawings, and information disclosure statements by patent examiner.
  • Patent specification copying: We provide clients with secure copies of patent specification documents without committing any abuse or violation.
  • Patent family or equivalent search: We help client search the simple and extended patent family for similar or different publications and their terms, acceptance, and usability.
  • Selective dissemination of information service and other status watching search services
  • Translation of patent and non-patent documents
  • Analysis and processing of patent information

Patent Portfolio Listing of all properties a certain company or person has been involved with.
Patent Chain of Title Listing of all transfers, interests, documents etc on file against a specific patent.
File History /per file* Copy retrieval of all documents in the U.S. Patent Office file for a specific
patent. Patent applications ‘reference’ other related patents as part of the application process; specify if ‘reference’ copies are required.

Products Turn Around Times 5 day 3 day 24-hour
Patentability $300 $500 $700.00
-hourly research fee $55 $75 $95

Research & Retrieval
4 day 2 day 24-hour
Patent Portfolio (up to 20) $200 $300 $500
-each additional property $25 $30 $50
Chain of Title $55 $75 $115
File History* $55 $75 n/a
File History w/ references* $66 $88 n/a
Document Retrieval $35 $40 $45
Filing/Hand Delivery* n/a $60 $125