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Incorporation and Entity Formation Services
New entity formations and incorporations require strict adherence to corporate laws and specific filing of documents and fees at a number of government offices. Experts at Duly Noted enables client satisfactory accomplish these daunting tasks, select right forms, explore all options, prepare suitable applications, make relevant filing, and complete registration overcoming all legal hurdles. Our experience in registration of incorporation and new entities makes the process seamless for corporate, individual, LLCs, and joint ventures.
We offer comprehensive incorporation and entity formation services for

  •  Commercial organizations
  •  Non-profit organizations
  •  State-specific domestic corporate filings
  •  International corporate filings
  •  Limited liability company
  •  Joint venture and partnership incorporations
  • Individual start ups

Incorporation Services: Expertise
• Legal Advise
For clients setting up new entities or incorporations in any part of the United States, we offer legal assistance of all types. Our professionals advise them about legal pros and cons, solutions that help overcome legal hurdles, documents to be submitted, address of offices to be contacted, and the approval process. We even help them find out possibility of embroiled in arbitration or legal dispute and effective ways to secure their interests.

• Form Selection
A variety of forms depending on federal laws, state statutes, local regulations, fees, options, holding pattern, tax implications, and status of entities are required to be submitted at appropriate authorities. Our incorporation and entity formation services advise client to selecting the right form, procuring, and filling it with right documents.

• Document Preparation and Filing
Our professionals help clients prepare legal documents to be accompanied incorporation and entity formation filings. With years of experience in document preparation and filing, we can help clients prepare required documents from provided entity information, Service of Process, share information, etc and file them at appropriate offices. We also offer filing and tracking services for clients who have prepared all documents on their own.

• Business Entity Search and Name Reservation
On client request, we conduct name and trademark search for business entities. Use of latest technology and extensive search by professionals enable businesses to find out original and attractive names and trademarks and reserve the same for their use.

• Regulatory Filings
Businesses require to know and comply with a number of regulatory frameworks prescribed by the government at various levels. Our experts advise you on regulatory compliance and assist in filing appropriate documents at regulatory offices.

• Corporate Article and Amendment Filing
Client can take benefit from our corporate article preparation and filing services. We also help them prepare and file corporate documents involving meeting minutes, dissolution, mergers, conversions, agreements, charter amendments, bylaws, stock allocation, and change of agent.

• Business License Services
We help businesses file for, acquire, manage, and renew licenses, permits, and tax registrations. Our flawless service in providing gap analysis, license verification, compliance, and management allow entities to concentrate on core areas without bothering about their legal requirements.

• Springing Member Services
Our professionals offer services to add independent springing members to pre-structured finances for single-member entities seeking lenders or save them from dissolution in special cases.

• Dissolutions & Withdrawals
We assist clients in the dissolution or withdrawal of entities following proper legal process and terminate legal, tax, financial, and other liabilities.