Copyrights Services

Copyright confers protection on intellectual property and assures one ownership of his hard won innovations. It bears the name of the innovator and guarantees him royalty and economic advantage from commercial exploitation. However, in the fast paced globalization and varying economic scenario, it is essential to register copyrights to obtain protection against infringement. The advent of IT and other technology has necessitated that copyright violations are prevented across a broad spectrum and originality of the work is substantiated and zealously guarded on all mediums.

Copyright Filing and Registration Services

Duly Noted provides copyright filing and registration services for all types of industries. Whether you want to file copyright for musical, literary, artistic, IT, photographic, product design, or any other type of work, we are ready to assist you. Our knowledge of copyright laws and the registration procedure adopted in the United States, Canada, the European Union, the United Kingdom, China, and Hong Kong allow us to provide prudent services to clients.

Our services include,

  • Copyright application drafting
  • Filing of copyright registration
  • Following the registering process
  • Advising clients on differential copyright protection to be sought for various industries and national systems

Copyright Search Services

We help clients search for copyrights similar to their claim and prepare applications to avoid rejection or opposition of any type. A list of nearest copyrights granted or claimed is also made available to the client for his perusal and observation.

The search criteria includes

  • Comprehensive search
  • Subject matter search
  • Exclusive and customized search
  • Novelty and prior art search
  • Infringement and validity search

The search is completed in a timely manner and the report generated is summarized for better clients view and readability.

Copyright Monitoring Services

Our copyright and monitoring services help individuals and organizations maximize their copyright ownership by preventing opposition risks, forestalling infringements, and asserting their rights. In this age of technology, internet, and globalization, it requires dedicated and expert workforce to track infringements and enhance brand patrol. We offer comprehensive monitoring services guaranteeing safeguard against misuse, violations, illegal commercialization, and contract non-compliance.

Duly Noted copyright monitoring services include

  • Defamation and disparagement check online and both in local and global sceneries
  • Regular monitoring of online reputation
  • Examination of blogs, social networking, publications, and claims for copyright violation
  • Copyright patrol leading to infringement tracking and capturing
  • Across the board monitoring for contract and policy compliance
  • Regular online report generation and alerting the client

Other Copyright Services

We also other copyright services, including

  • Translations and interpretation support
  • Assistance in review and amendment draft preparation
  • Drafting and negotiating copyright license
  • Copyright analysis for business and strategic benefits
  • Global copyright monitoring
  • Copyright enforcement support services
  • Assistance for copyright litigation
  • Registrations status update
  • Analysis of scope of protection
  • Revenue recovery

Advantage Duly Noted Copyright Services

  • Profession, qualified, in-house experts
  • Flexible approach and standardized delivery
  • Fast and timely work at low cost
  • Blend of experience and expertise
  • Reports fully indexed and complete with documents
  • User-specific security and secure communication
  • All budget pricing model

Copyright Portfolio Listing of all properties a certain company or person has been involved with.
Includes 4 indices:

  • claimant
  • serials
  • assignments
  • in-process.

Copyright Chain of Title Listing of all registrations, transfers, interests, documents etc on file against a specific copyright title. Includes 3 indices: claimant, assignment & in-process. Copyright Single Index Listing of all claims or serials or assignments or in-process items on record with the U.S. Copyright Office. In-Process index contains a listing of all applications, renewals or documents on file in the U.S. Copyright Office’s
‘recent submissions’ index.

Copyright Research Pre-1978 Listing of all registrations and documents on file against a specific copyright title or under a particular author or claimant name prior to 1978. Records accessible 1870 –1978. Certified Copy Order and retrieval of certified copy from the U.S. Copyright Office. Copy retrieval of documents on file with the U.S. Copyright Office with in either the correspondence file or the deposit file, certified or uncertified. Document Retrieval Copying of registrations or documents. Filing or Hand Delivery In-person submission of applications, documents or connecting correspondence.

Film – Title Report Research of U.S. Copyright Office, Library of Congress, near-exact Federal, State and Common-Law trademarks and Film Industry Trade Publications for prior or conflicting usage of a particular project title.

Film – Entertainment Availability
Title Availability research with full trademark research included.

Film – Copyright Report Research a particular work (usually novels) for Copyright registrations and renewals, underlying and derivative works, recorded documents, in-process items, Newspaper and Trade notifications, Litigation and Biographical information on the author(s).

Products Turn Around Times 5 day 3 day 24-hour
Entertainment Industry
Title Report $450 $660 $850
Copyright Report** $450 $660 $850
Entertainment Availability $600 $875 $1000
In-Process Report $75 $85 $95

Copyright Portfolio $200 $300 $500
-hourly research fee $55 $75 $95
Chain of Title $175 $225 $350
Claimant/Serials Search $75 $85 $95
Assignment Search $75 $85 $95
In-Process Report $75 $85 $95
Pre-1978 Research $250 $375 $500
-hourly research fee $55 $75 $95
Renewal Verification $55 $75 $95

Document Retrieval $35 $40 $45
Application Plain Copy $35 $40 $45
Periodical Copy $55 $75 $95
Law Library Copy $55 $75 $95
Turn-around set by USCO
Certified Document* $50 + statutory fee
Registration Certificate* $50 + statutory fee
Certified Deposit Copy* $50 + statutory fee
Deposit Examination* $100 + statutory fee
Application Retraction* $50 + statutory fee

Next day Same day
Filing/Hand Delivery* $60 $125
-bulk/weighty material fee $55 $95
Special Handing Filing* $175 $225
-Examiner meeting fee $55 $95